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BBQ Seasonings and Rubs- 8oz

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After trying so many seasonings, I realized none of them really hit that spot. Some were a little too sweet, or a little too salty. Coming from West Texas, and travelling the country trying BBQ and smoked foods - I realized that Ohio needed it's own style.

Here are the official Buckeye Smoker blends. Tweaked and perfected, the ingredients and measurements are exactly where they should be. Countless hours spent mixing, and testing(eating,  I know - poor me), all to obtain the perfect flavors. Not too much, not too little. We've dialed in that perfect ratio of flavors to really bring life to your masterpiece called dinner.


Our seasonings and rubs are mixed commercially in a facility that really gives a damn about quality, and food safety. 





What are you waiting for?


*Bottle size is based on liquid rating of bottle. Actual weight my vary by seasoning. 

Everything Seasoning

The Everything Seasoning is good on just that, everything. Except maybe fish, depending on what you're in to. Sweet, savory goodness ready to use. Just layer it on your entree or sides, and enjoy.

Grill Seasoning

As Stated on the label, this is good for anything grilled. Steaks, burgers, whatever. It is a savory flavoring with a very mild sweetness. Picked up by small bars and restaurants - this is our first seasoning to make it to the big league. Yes, that's something to be proud of. Taste it for yourself, you'll see.

Butt And Rib Rub

The Butt And Rib Rub is one of a kind. It is a sweet deliciousness that compliments pork exceptionally. Almost no salt, but definitely flavorful.

Pecan Rub

This Pecan Rub is an all time favorite for a lot of meats and sides. However, it's known to really come to life on chicken. This rub is made with real pecans, and some other things. Nutty, mildly sweet flavoring is an all-star for poultry dishes.

Mocha Rub

If you are looking for the perfect rub/seasoning for beef, this is it. The coffee really enhances the beef flavor, and you really don't taste the coffee. There is a little bit of cocoa in the blend as well which adds a very unique flavor profile.  Mildly sweetened for that nice caramelized bark. Exceptionally well on roasts of all types, including brisket (But our AP Rub is far better for brisket)

AP Seasoning

This is a SPG type rub. Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Onion and a couple other added things. It makes for an excellent base to other rubs, or use it by itself. Great on anything that you want to really draw out the moisture and add some deep flavoring.

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