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Due to steel pricing and availability, we are struggling to maintain justifiable pricing. If you would like to custom order, please understand the pricing will be drastically higher and wait times may be longer. We apologize for any inconvenience. We do have decent stock of components to build your own, seek those parts out if you'd like a more affordable option. 


So, You want to cook 4 pork shoulders for your in-laws cookout. You want to really impress them this year, as it's your first time playing chef for the annual cookout. You don't want to screw this up. What do you do? You order a Buckeye Smokers Drum Smoker. You custom ordered this badass unit, and you made damn good food on it. The best part? You slept through the night while your family cookout dinner was cooking.

Custom built, All American Made drum smokers. The design of these smokers brings a lot to the table - Literally. You can cook a lot of food in here with up to 700 square inches of grate space and the ability to hang your food. All stainless steel hardware, grates, and charcoal basket sourced from American manufacturers. 

  • -Custom paint options
  • -Custom intake and exhaust options
  • -Custom grate options
  • -You seriously can make this your smoker - no big box templates.


This drum smoker can really take your smoking game to a whole new level. The ease of use, plus reliability makes it one of a kind. Want to smoke all night while you're sound asleep? No problem. This smoker will hold it's temperature with ease.


All units are custom, and built to order. You may request specific colors for the components. The Upgraded Model includes custom paint options for the main body of the smoker as well. 


If you would like to adjust things, mix and match - or add options, get ahold of us! We are happy to make reasonable accommodations and adjustments. Included in the photo gallery are photos of most of the parts that can be equipped. There are other options as well - including wheel packages, electronic temperature controllers, heat shields and more! Just let us know!

For units being shipped via freight, please contact us first. We may be able to help lessen the shipping cost.

The Standard Model

The Best Option On A Budget. 

This unit can get it all done, with perfection. Classic smoke taste, easy of use. Everything you need for that perfect cook.

  • One laser cut cooking grate
  • One Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket With Ash Pan
  • Two Square Upright Intakes With Teardrop Dampers
  • One Round Exhaust With Teardrop Dampers
  • 3" BBQ Thermometer
  • Side And Lid Handles
  • Lid Hook 
  • Equipment Hooks
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Electronic Thermometer Probe Grommet


 Upgraded Model

The Best Bang For Your Buck

The Upgraded Model is exactly that, an upgrade. You double your cooking space, you get the lid hinge for true ease. What more could you want? This is for the backyard PitMaster.

  • Two Laser Cut Cooking Grates
  • Two Round Or Square Upright Intakes With Teardrop Dampers(Customer Choice)
  • One Round Or Square Exhaust With Teardrop Damper(Matched)
  • One Heavy Duty Steel Charcoal Basket With Ash Pan
  • One Heavy Duty Steel Heat Diffuser 
  • One Electronic Thermometer Mount
  • Upgraded 3" BBQ Thermometer
  • Side And Lid Handles
  • Lid Hinge
  • Equipment Hooks
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Electronic Thermometer Probe Grommet


Please understand, these units are made to order. Custom paint of the main body also may require additional time. We do our best to have these delivered within 2 weeks.

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