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Backyard Pitmaster Bundle

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The Backyard Pitmaster, sometimes thought to be a myth or legend. This creature is found at 3am, beer in hand tending to a pile of hot coals - in preparation for tomorrow's dinner.

The Backyard Pitmaster Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for someone who wants all of the bells and whistles. You have ultimate comfort and control, and you can even catch a couple z's while tending to your smoker (no babysitting required). Hand built in Ohio, with Ohio milled steel - this is as American as it gets. This bundle includes the following components:

  • Charcoal basket
  • Heat diffuser
  • 2 grates
  • Lid hinge
  • Side and lid handles
  • Dial thermometer
  • Intake and Exhaust tubes
  • Electronic thermometer holder
  • Grommet for electronic thermometer probe wire
  • 3 hook utensil holder
  • Axle and wheels, with one caster & mount
  • All hardware necessary for bolt on build (Weld on has less hardware)

We'll send you an email after your order containing instructions on how to put together your new smoker! If you're unsure of where to source a 55 gallon barrel, check out the Facebook Marketplace. Usually there are folks selling used or new barrels at any given time. When looking, try to find one that is unlined and open head. If the barrel you pick has a lining, make sure you have it sandblasted to fully remove the liner. If you need further help, let us know and we'll help you find one.

Choose from a bolt together or weld together bundle, depending on how you wish to build your new smoker. Please note, some components are built to order and can take up to 2 weeks to complete.


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