What Do You Love About Smoking Food?

Me personally, I love everything about it. The process of finding, or making, the perfect rub/seasoning for whatever you're preparing. Tending to the smoker through the process. But most of all, the enjoyment of everybody that indulges in the spoils of my labor.

Smoking food is an art. It takes practice to learn how to keep the fire burning just right. It takes trial and error to learn what spices go best with certain meats, and certain woods. The patience it takes to work through the stall. It's a great experience, that is a constant learning lesson.

When you make that commitment to cooking for your family picnic of 20 people, you take on a pretty big task. That's a lot of food to cook for your family. The pressure of screwing it up can be daunting. But with practice, you'll nail it perfect almost every time. 

Check out the Buckeye Smokers Facebook group. It's a new group, so there isn't much content yet. But my hope is that folks will share their favorite methods and tips/tricks to help the more novice crowd get that thin blue smoke. I'll be featuring posts from that group in this blog!

Check back for more posts. I'll try to get some of my recipes and techniques on here regularly!

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