• What Are You Smoking?

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What Are You Smoking?

BBQ Is Our Business

Smoking Food

Welcome To Buckeye Smokers.

Buckeye Smokers is a Wooster, Ohio based manufacturer of Custom Smokers and Seasonings.  From years of experience in BBQ, mainly smoking food - we have the know how to satisfy a hungry stomach. 

Hand Built - For the Long Run

Who is Buckeye Smokers?

One guy, plus a few helpers. It started when I wanted to add an addition to my smoker collection. I wanted a big box brand vertical smoker. While shopping around, I realized that I wasn't getting great value for the price. Determined to fix this conundrum, I decided to build model A. Model A was replaced within a week with a much better version.

 Realizing that I cannot be the only person with this issue, I decided this can be a solution for others. Giving folks the ability to design their own smoker, without having to spend countless hours building it and sourcing components.

Our Seasonings are made with only the best ingredients. Non-GMO, All Natural, No Compromise.

We do not use fillers, so all of the seasonings are Gluten Free.

Located in Wooster, Ohio and sourcing only Made in America parts - we are an All American company. And we will NEVER change that to save a dollar. 

Supporting our Veteran Community is a priority for us.

We donate 5% of all net sales to DAV, or Disabled American Veterans. With 95% of their expenses going directly to program costs, we have decided they were a good fit. Want to learn more about them? Check them out here.

For more information on how to receive Veteran or Law Enforcement discounts, click here.

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